Jack 4×4 Team, Culture and Facilities

People are Jack’s greatest asset. We depends on our people – having the most talented people with right set of skills, attitude & culture at all levels within the Company and then keeping them happy as part of a family

Our Culture –  As a responsible and preferred employer, Jack Motors Thailand provides a conducive working environment for its people which are the driving force of the organization.  Freedom of expression and team work is promoted while employees are encouraged to take initiatives in making improvements and adding value to the business process. Our culture is relaxed and cooperative. We pay twice the going rate and treat them as we would like to be treated. It is therefore no surpise that in the past 30 years we only had two resignations

Facilities – Some of the facilities offered to employees include free meals, uniforms, transport reimbursement and an on site accommodation facility with all Jackity including three free meals and access to a gymnasium and other recreational facilities.  In addition, medical services and counseling services are part of the facilities provided to all levels of employees.

Investing in the Future – The Company believes in investing in the future of our people by providing specialized training programs structured to enable them to progress within the Company and provide a wide exposure to the employees in various areas of management and technical expertise. A service employee can get training to become a part of office staff and an office empoyee can get management courses to get into executive ranks.

Management Practices – A unique feature of the Management Practices within the Company is productivity improvement initiatives proposed by the employees are directly channeled through the ‘Joint Consultative Committee‘ comprising of representatives of the workforce which have direct access to the top Management of the Company.

To encourage a healthy attitude towards work and to build up workers’ self confidence and respect, the Company has initiated a unique scheme in which the families of each employee are not only welcome to visit our facility but are also invited to all our gatherings, picnics and get-togethers. An employee’s family is always invited for his birthday celebration.

Operating Safely – Safety standards are a priority in the day to day operations of the manufacturing process. Every effort is made to maintain very high standards of Health and Safety. Ear plugs, masks, gloves, and even special boots are used throughout manufacturing areas which could pose a potential risk to the health and safety of the employees. Recently the Company was presented with the National Safety Award for exemplary Health and Safety Standards

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