rhd toyota hilux vigo 2009 is here

Jack Motors is Thailand’s largest New and used Toyota Vigo Hilux Dealer and Toyota Hilux Vigo Exporter. Import Vigo 2008 and quality second hand Vigo now. 2009 LHD Vigo  and RHD 2009 Vigo in stock now. Made in Thailand and Manufactured in Thailand Toyota Vigo is world’s best selling 4×4 pickup

2009 Toyota Hilux Vigo is out and we have it in ready stock for immediate shipment at Thailand’s most trusted 4×4 exporter – Jack Motors Thailand. Whether you need Left Hand Drive Toyota Hilux Vigo 2009 or Right Hand Drive Toyota Hilux Vigo 2009 it is available quickly at the lowest price in town. Photo of 2009 Vigo is on your left and details are on Toyota Hilux Vigo 2009 page.

2008 model Toyota Hilux Vigo was our best selling new 4×4 pickup fifth year running while used Toyota Hilux Vigo remained our best selling used pickup. 2009 Toyota Hilux Vigo minor change has accelerated this trend. Please book your orders for the new versatile Vigo.

Original Left Hand Drive and Right Hand Drive Toyota Hilux Vigo 2009 have these features:

  3. LHD has HEATER (the RHD does not come with heater)
  4. SILVER SIDE STRIPES on FRONT PANEL (no woodwork will be possible on front panel)
  5. BETTER BRAKING SYSTEM  (as in Toyota Fortuner 2009)
  6. FRONT LIGHTS (only difference is side Indicator inside lamp was ORANGE in 2008 Vigo but is WHITE in 2009 Vigo)
  9. NEW ALLOY WHEEL DESIGN (15″ in LHD and 17″ in LHD)

Jack is also your top source for Toyota Hilux Vigo spare parts and Toyota Hilux Vigo accessories. Email us now at for your next 4×4 vehicles, parts and accessories purchase at the lowest price in the world.

toyota hilux vigo 2009 Thailand’s most trusted Toyota Hilux Vigo dealer, importer exporterWe are already shipping both Right Hand Drive and Left Hand Drive 2009 Toyota Fortuner and we are now taking orders on this versatile SUV, the news on 2009 Toyota Hilux Vigo is good, the front and rear grill and lamps have all been redesigned. We were first Thai exporter to ship Toyota Vigo out of Thailand in October 2004 and we continue to dominate new and second hand Hilux Vigo export which is no surprise since we are Thailand’s most trusted auto exporter thanks to our 97 years old commitment to honesty, integrity, professionalism, great prices, great quality, great service and quick delivery. Click here for specification of Toyota Hilux Vigo 2009 model.

Toyota Vigo Double Cab remain our top seller but Toyota Hilux Vigo Single Cab and Toyota Hilux Vigo Extra Cab are not that far behind in their popularity. Please try Thailand’s and Dubai’s top Vigo exporter to purchase your next Toyota Hilux Vigoby emailing us at If you are looking for Toyota Thailand Hilux Vigo, Toyota Thaland Fortuner or any other Toyota products from Thailand Jack Motors Thailand is the place. Our Dubai outfit Jack Motors Dubai can get you Toyota Landcruiser, Toyota Prado, Toyota RAV-4 and other LHD Toyota offering.

2009 Vigo Models


Vigo Type 2009 Toyota Hilux Vigo Models
4×2 Vigo Single Cab Vigo Single Cab 4×2 2.5J W/0 PS-M/T (KUN15R-TRMDYT/A4)
Vigo Single Cab 4×2 2.5J W PS-M/T (KUN15R-TRMDYT/B4)
Vigo Single Cab 4×2 3.0J W PS-M/T (KUN16R-TRMDYT/A4)
4×2 Extra Cab Toyota Hilux Vigo Vigo Extra Cab 4×2 2.53 W/O PS-M/T (KUN15R-CRMDYT/M)
Vigo Extra Cab 4×2 2.3 W PS-M/T (KUN15R-CRMDYT/B4)
Vigo Extra Cab 4×2 2.5E W PS-M/T (KUN15R-URMSHT/A4)
Vigo Extra Cab 4×2 3.0£ W PS-M/T (KUN16R-URMSYT/A4)
Vigo Extra Cab 4×2 2.5G W PS-M/T (KUN15R-URMSKT/B4)
Vigo Extra Cab 4×2 2.7G W PS-A/T (TGN16R-URPSKT/A4)
Vigo Extra Cab 4×2 3.0G W PS-M/T (KUN16R-URMSYT/B4)
2×4 Extra Cab Vigo Vigo Extra Cab 2X4 3.0G Pre-runner (Value) (KUN36R-URMSYT/B4)
Vigo Extra Cab 2X4 3.0E Pre-runner (KUN36R-URMSYT/A4)
4×4 Extra Cab Toyota Hilux Vigo Vigo Extra Cab 4×4 2.5E W PS-M/T (KUN25R-URMSHT/A4)
Vigo Extra Cab 4×4 3.0E W PS-M/T (KUN26R-URMSYT/A4)
Vigo Extra Cab 4×4 3.0G W PS-M/T (I0JN26R-URMSYT/B4)
4×2 Double Cab Toyota Hilux Vigo Vigo Double Cab 4×2 2.5J W PS-M/T (KUN15R-PRMDYT/A4)
Vigo Double Cab 4×2 2.5E W PS-M/T (KUN 15R-PRMSHT/A4)
Vigo Double Cab 4×2 2.5G W PS-M/T (KUN15R-PRMSHT/B4)
Vigo Double Cab 4×2 3.0G W PS-M/T (KUN16R-PRMSYT/A4)
Vigo Double Cab 4×2 3.0G W PS-A/T (KUN16R-PRPSYT/A4)
2×4 Double Cab Vigo Vigo Double Cab 2X4 3.0E Pre-runner (Value) (KUN36R-PRMSYT/B4)
Vigo Double Cab 2X4 3.0E Pre-runner (KUN36R-PRMSYT/A4)
4×4 Double Cab Vigo Vigo Double Cab 4×4 2.5E W PS-M/T (KUN25R-PRMSKT/A4)
Vigo Double Cab 4×4 3.0E W PS-M/T (KUN26R-PRMSYT/A4)
Vigo Double Cab 4×4 3.0G W PS-M/T (KUN26R-PRMSYT/B4)
Vigo Double Cab 4×4 3.0G W PS-A/T (KUN26R-PRPSYT/A4)

2009 Toyota Hilux Vigo Standard Cab Specifications

Hilux Vigo Standard cab
Model KUN16R-
Engine Diesel 3.0 Liter Diesel 2.5 Liter
Transmission 5M/T
Technical specification
Dimension and weight
Exterior dimension Length mm. 5,130 (+230)
Width mm. 1,760 (+60)
Height mm. 1,680 (+75)
Wheel base mm. 3,085 (+125)
Width Front mm. 1,510 (+110)
Rear mm. 1,510 (+100)
Minimum ground clearance mm. 181(-4)
Minimum turning radius m. 5.9
Internal truck bed Length mm. 2,315 (+45) None
Width mm. 1,520 (+35) None
Height mm. 450 (+45) None
Overhang Front mm. 885
Rear mm. 1,160
Interior diminsion Length mm. 1340 (+40)
Width mm. 1,475 (+70)
Height mm. 1,190 (+55)
Overall weight (Approximatly) Kgs. 1,585 1,525
Engine model 1KD – FTV 2KD – FTV
Engine type 4-cylinder Single row DOHC 16 valve 4-cylinder Single row DOHC 16 valve Turbo
with inter coller VN Turbo
Cylinder capacity cc. 2,982 2,494
Cylinder width x mm. 96.0 x 103.0 92.0 x 93.8
Compression ratio 17.9:1 18.5:1
Maximum power (SAE-Net) Horse power / rpm 163/3,400 102/3,600
Maximum torque Newton-meter / rpm 343/1,400-3,200 200/1400-3200
Fuel distribution system Common rail Direct-injection
Fuel tank capacity Liter 76
Exhaust standard Euro3
Transmission system 5 M/T
Transmission ratio 1st Gear 4.313 3.928
2nd Gear 2.330 2.333
3rd Gear 1.436 1.451
4th Gear 1.000 1.000
5th Gear 0.838 0.798
Reverse gear 4.220 4.743
Axle ratio 3.583 4.100
Suspension Front Independent Double whishbone with coil spring and stabilizer bar
Rear Iron plate supporter with oblique shock absorbers and Limited slip
Brake system Front Disc brake with radiation fin
Rear drum brake with oil pressure valve, Super LSPV including with LST
Steering system Rack and pinnion
Steering system with power-assist Available None
Tire 205/70R15C 195R14C
Wheel Alloy wheel with full cover 6JJx15 size Iron wheel with center hop cover 5.5JJx14
Standard equipment
Front bumper Single piece, black
Front grille Black
Head lamp Halogen, multi-reflector
Side mirror Black
Door grip Grip type / black
Mud guard Available (Front, rear)
Windscreen wiper Available with 3 step adjustable
Truck bed Type J type None
Bed door grip Hand grip on both side None
Bed door holder Spring type None
Rear bumper Available
Meter Engine round speed meter Analog
Distance meter Digital
Warning signal Fuel volume Available
Fuel filter indicator Available
Head lamp turn-on alarm None
Door open indicator Available
Safety belt warning sign Available (Driver position only)
Digital clock None
Lighting Map light None
Passenger room light Available
Compartment light None
Ashtray None
Rear mirror Available
Audio Tape-radio Available Available (tape only) None
Speaker 2
Antenna Available (At front pillar)
Air conditioner Type Normal
Control switch Knob type
Steeling Level adjustable Available
Type Urethane (3spokes)
Hand brake Urethane (3spokes)
Sunshade Driver position Available (with name card holder)
Passenger position Available
Glass Windscreen Layered safety type
Front side glass Normal
Rear screen Normal
Power window None
Central lock None
Interior grip 1 point at front
Side panel Type One piece molding type
Material Vinyl
Interior door grip Black
Arm rest Available
Seat Type Separate type 40/60 for 3 passengers
Material Vinyl
Color Gray color
Position adjustable (Driver / passenger positions) Available / None
Inclinable (Driver / passenger positions) Available / available
Head supporter Available / available
Fuel-lid opened from passenger room Available
Storage Front storage Available
Overhead storage Available
Side panel compartment At front and rear with bottle holders
Cup and bottle holder 1 point at front console
Floor mat Vinyle
Foot rest Available
(Active safety)
ABS None
Brake oil pressure adjustment valve (Super LSPV) Available
Third brake lamp None
Anti-mist on rear screen None
(Passive safety)
GOA structure GOA
Side door impact beam Available
Air bag None
Safety belt Front seats 3 points ELR 2 positions and 2 Points NR 1 position
Level adjustable type None
Pull back mechanism and autometic release None
Collapsible steeling Available
Collapsible brake step Available
Automatic fuel stopping valve Available


Hilux Vigo Intro

Jack Motors as Thailand’s and Dubai’s top 4×4 dealer and Thailand’s most trusted 4×4 exporter receives thousands of emails and calls from every corner of the world in our showrooms in Thailand, Dubai and Singapore. Almost 80% of these queries are regarding importation of Hilux Vigo in their respective countries. This should give us a sense of Hilux Vigo‘s worldwide popularity. We have exported new RHD, converted LHD and LHD Toyota Hilux and nearly new Thailand Toyota Vigo to around 100 countries and counting. We export both brand new (zero meter) and used (second-hand or pre-owned) models. We not only export Toyota Hilux Vigo but also earlier models as Toyota Hilux Tiger, Toyota Hilux Sport Cruiser and Toyota Hilux Sportsrider. Whether you need to reach Jack Motors Thailand for new Toyota Vigo, or Jim 4×4 Thailand, for nearly new and quality used Toyota Hilux Vigo or Jack Motors Dubai for new, nearly new or used Toyota Hilux Vigo; an email at will connect you to all Jack companies.

We  have streamlined this page for easier navigability. Here are various links that branch from this page:

It would not be wrong to say that Vigo has taken the world by storm and it has reshaped the 4×4 landscape. Even though Mitsubishi L200 Triton and Nissan Navara have posed strong challenge the leader Vigo is still at the head of the pack.  With its great style and comfort and its fi lving for a versatile alternative to a conventional car as their day-to-day transport. And, of course, the vehicle’s rugged qualities as a tough off road 4×4 make it a dream truck for mountainous regions. Its ruggedness makes it popular with tribal chiefs and its style and comfort endear it to busy urban executives. This is why we are exporting this beautiful and sturdy beast to five continents in the world. with its impressive 3200 cc prowess has posed a mighty challenge, it is still behind Vigo and Fortuner. The recently released Nissan Navara is proving to be a serious challenger for Vigo’s crown.

Here are some additional pages on Toyota Hilux Vigo: Toyota Vigo, Vigo Thailand, Toyota Vigo Thailand. We are Thailand’s most trusted Vigo exporter, Thailand top pickup exporter and if you are looking for Toyota Vigo parts and accessories we are it.

If you have envied Fortuner owners for their Fortuner V then envy no more. oni Motors is proud to be the only Thailand dealer to offer Vigo V Limited Edition. Read below to see the details. The Images (Pics) to follow soon.

If you know what you want, send us a quick email at We promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

The Hilux Vigo made its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show as one of the stars and the rest as they say is history. Its new top-of-the-range model that combined the Hilux’s robust character with plenty of street style and premium features has caught the imagination of driving population of the world.

The top-of-the-line Hilux Vigo 3.0 G is our biggest seller and we are sending it to over 100 countries as diverse as South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Trinidad, Barbados, Suriname, and Pakistan. It comes with Vigo branding, air conditioning, power steering, alarm & immobiliser, high quality carpet mats, six-disc in dash CD autochanger with radio cassette, brushed metal scuff plates, and optional dark-tinted privacy glass for the rear windows. On the outside there are 16-inch alloy wheels, colour coded bumpers, front spotlamps, chrome mirrors, eye-catching chrome plated rear tubular bumper, optional dark-tinted privacy glass for the rear windows, rear mud guards, high line brake light, rear defroster, silver grey double coach-line and chrome “Vigo” badging.


  • All new top-of-the-range model “G” that combines exceptional durability with high quality styling and equipment

  • Part of worldwide success story that has seen sales of tens of millions of Hiluxes and counting

  • 102bhp 2.5-litre D-4D engine or 163bhp “Landcruiser” 3.0 D-4D engine available

  • Full leather interior optional

  • In-dash 6 CD auto-changer and radio cassette and CD MP3 Player

  • Tubular chrome rear styling bumper and “Vigo” chrome badging

  • Three models available in both single & double cab 2.5E, 3.0E & top-of-the-range 3.0G model. Lower grade J also available

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